Real AKS Metal Detector 20m


The Real AKS Gold Long Range Gold Detector 6 Antennas include Plastic Box Long Rang 3D Metal Detector

AKS Long Range Gold Metal, Diamond Detector Product main features: The strongest product kernel, intelligent modular operation Powerful + convenient + speed efficiency Easy and fast to advanced and efficient… Technology parameters: Product name: de kesa detective, metal detectors Search system: microcomputer CPU control and reflection conductivity Search range:1200M Detecting depth:20M Energy:12V 1600mAh Launch frequency:5.6-6KHz Signal frequency:360–440Hz weight:3.2KG Detection type: gold, silver, copper, precious stones

Because the instrument’s handle is free to rotate, wind can interfere with the metal detector. Therefore, the use of this instrument in the presence of wind will be subject to certain interference. The use of this instrument is very much related to the operator’s control of the scan. Choose a comfortable posture to stand on the ground, hold the instrument with your hand, and keep your elbows close to the sides of your body. Note: You must have this instrument in front of your body so that the receiving antenna has enough space to deploy and tilt the antenna slightly downwards from the horizontal line. This angle is between 7 degrees and 10 degrees.

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