Induced Polarization Transmitters


n 2017, GDD has launched its new model: Tx4. This digital IP transmitter gives a much more accurate and stable current reading.

Reliability of GDD IP Transmitters has been highly improved in 2010. Since the beginning of May 2010, GDD has started to introduce new electronic boards that increase the reliability of the latest GDD IP transmitter especially at high voltage (4,800 V). Moreover, GDD now installs a bigger fan and a new vent pipe with dust filter in order to reduce breakdowns caused by moisture and dust accumulated on the boards.

For safety issues, GDD installs a new red push button (ON / OFF Switch) and a proper grounding to improve the insulation of the Pelican case.

Plus, a new time base of 16 seconds and a new optimized control panel were added to the GDD IP Transmitter in 2014.

All GDD new transmitters have these new features and the old ones can be upgraded on request. 

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