FS Reflexion

FS Reflexion

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We don’t manufacture this product anymore. For ground measurements consider Gepard GPR 3D  or our current cavity dedectors.

FS-Reflexion is a geophysical measuring instrument to locate subterranean voids like caves, bunkers, tunnels or basement vaults. FS-Reflexion works with a seismic vibration system. A transmitter generates vibrations going into the ground. Depending on the type of soil these will be transmitted or damped. If a void exists, it will start to resonate in its own frequency and can be detected by a seismic vibration transducer. FS-Reflexion can be used on all kinds of underground, e.g. stones, loam or clay soil, in the mountains or in flat country.

FS-Reflexion operating modes

  • Check Mode to recognize seismic disturbances
  • Scan Mode to record measurement values for a graphical representation
  • Frequency-energy-graph to analyse seismic activities
  • Data transfer to computer for graphical representation in 3D

FS-Reflexion data analysis

The recorded measurement values can be analyzed via the frequency-energy-graph. In this diagram a high amplitude at specific frequencies indicates existing subterranean voids. Additionally, it is possible to summarize all measurement values to a 3D representation, so that they can be analysed in the professional software visualiser 3D. In that way, voids cannot only be represented visually, but also their size can be determined.

FS-Reflexion data analysis: Representation of measured values in the frequency-energy-chart
FS-Reflexion data analysis in Visualizer 3D: Representation of a cavity via professional software Visualizer 3D

We don’t manufacture this product anymore. For ground measurements consider Gepard GPR 3Dor our current cavity detectors .

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